Honda EU2200i Generator Review

So, can Honda meet all the needs of its customers with EU2000i? Can they stick to only one model for this long? Can they ever stop producing their iconic generators? No. They need to go further.

Thus, in early spring 2018, the Honda Company produced another iconic model - the EU2200i. This version is as remarkable as ever. Regardless of whether you need it for making excursions or going camping or just as an extra power source in your garage, this generator will be a great choice.

Pros: Attractive price - it is available at a fair rate. Almost completely noiseless by contrast to other models of the same power capacity. Very easy to transport. Easy to take care of. Goes with a long-term warranty of 2 years.

Honda has been known for the production of top-notch inverter generators for many years. Its history started 20 years previously when Honda appeared to be the first to produce a portable inverter generator. Moreover, Honda's inverter innovation was so outstanding that it could generate as much power as the “line power” technologies. At that time, it seemed quite impossible. Together with such outstanding characteristics, they produced lightweight, easy-to-use and easy-to-transport generators so that no one could surpass them. Over some time, Honda improved its technology by creating different designs. They have reached a totally new level when they presented their Honda EU2000i.

This generator has earned the right of being a real legend. It produced more power than previously, was durable and demonstrated great performance, while still being as noiseless as a walking cat. It was a really superb machine with prominent characteristics. It was introduced to the market long ago, and over this period of time, Honda has been the leading producer of generators in this segment. So, can Honda still satisfy its clients with EU2000i? Can they stick to just one model for so long? Will they stop producing iconic machines? No. They will definitely keep going. That's the key reason why in early spring 2018, the company introduced an all-new legend – the EU2200i. It has never produced something as perfect as this generator. It produces 10% more power than the previous version. It is packed with many innovative features that have turned it into an iconic machine inside and outside Honda's market. It has numerous color-coded elements, easy-to-use oil drain, clever fuel shut off technology and low RPM among many other splendid features. They have made it easier to transport this device and simplified the maintenance of the machine. The first collection of Honda comprised EU1000i models due to which Honda has managed to revolutionize the market. It was silent for a few years after that, but in around two decades, it demonstrated yet another prominent version – EU2200i, which is the quietest model of all. It is lightweight, noiseless and powerful. Such a definition can be rightfully applied to this model.

10% more electricity: Honda EU2200i model is many times more powerful than the previously released version. This permits users to use more devices simultaneously. 2200 Watts power supply allows powering up a great variety of digital devices even though it was quite impossible previously. No matter what device you need to power up, you can do it with EU2200i.

Honda's GXR120 engine: It was used specifically for the heavy-duty construction industry, and it is now being used in the all-new version of a generator. This allows for incredible durability and reliable performance of the machine. The GXR120 engine belongs to the top-class engines that allow supplying many devices with power simultaneously.

Easy wind-up: This model has a proper design so that you can start it up smoothly and easily each time you need it. It is added with automatic de-compressor that guarantees decreased force when winding up the mechanism.

It is less loud: Noise is a very strong argument when you need to use a generator. Honda definitely considered this point when they produced their all-new version. EU2200i is almost completely noiseless as it produces the noise like a usual conversation which allows using it for powering your home, camper or RV.

Lightweight construction: The notion ‘portable generator' indicates that the product should be lightweight, and EU2200i does not seem to be an exception. It weighs only 47 pounds, while its general size is very compact so that you can move it around in all situations when you find it necessary.

Fuel saving capacity: This model has an eco-throttle mechanism which ensures top-level fuel productivity. It can work for up to 8.1 hours on only one tank of fuel (1 gallon).

Parallel connection: If you need to get more power, you can easily use EU2200i in parallel with another model like EU2000i or the same one. This will allow you to get more power easily.

Fuel shut down: If you use this option, the generator will be switched off when the fuel level is low. It will prevent problems with fuel together with some technical problems with its parts. This will allow you to keep the machine safe at all times.

Digital circuit breaking technology: EU2200i has a great circuit breaking technology that keeps the generator running even if there is power overload.

Top-level inverter innovation: This model has a splendid inverter innovation that is suitable for delicate devices such as phones or laptops.

Warranty term: Honda generators are covered by a long-term warranty of three years for residential and commercial use. In order to make this option available, you need to buy the machine from an authorized seller or order it on Amazon.