Yamaha EF2000iSv2 2000 Watt Inverter Generator

In my review, I'm going to examine the Yamaha EF2000ISV2, which is a generator that deserves taking a look at, as it is widely known for working quietly and being easy to transfer.

A movable generator is a splendid device to have at your disposal. It is always good to have an alternative source of power in case of some natural calamity that may provoke power shutdown. It is also perfect for camping or for working in distant areas.

This generator is recognized as the second version of this model abbreviated as V2. It has a range of truly unique features as it goes with a spark plug instrument to simplify maintenance and a battery charging cord (12V).


In general, this device is extremely user-friendly and winds up really easily.


Yamaha is definitely a reputable trademark, and the EF2000ISV2 model is among the most outstanding generators they have developed.


It has a very appealing and truly unique design reminding a retro-style radio.


This generator is based on inverter technology being packed PWM as a mechanism of control so it provides pure power that is perfectly safe for all devices.


It is often recognized as one of the most outstanding camping generators existing today, and it is also added with multiple innovative technologies. It is really noiseless and is characterized by the highest quality and top-level performance. The US Forest Service agreed to the use of these generators at their sites due to their noiseless operation and diverse security features. It is legal to use them in all 50 US states. This model has a ‘smart' engine which allows minimizing fuel consumption. It can easily provide power for numerous devices at the wattage of 2000W or 16.7A. It is also so noiseless that you will hardly hear it running.


Noise Rate: How Loud It Can Get


As a rule, generators are quite loud. Still, they have become a bit quieter over time (check out our buyer's guide on the least noisy generators), and Yamaha is not an exception.

In contrast, it is as noisy as a usual conversation at home. Together with the increase of the load, it may get a bit noisier reaching around 61 dB which is equal to the background at business premises or a restaurant.

Yamaha EF2000ISV2 is still sufficiently noiseless not to disturb anyone. This makes it a good option for camping or tailgating.


Fuel Consumption & Power


The EF2000ISV2 model generates a sufficient amount of power for a movable inverter machine. It has 2000 starting wattage and 1600 running wattage.

With a 500W load, the generator will run non-stop for eight hours or so.

At 120V, the estimated AC current would be 13.3A and the maximum current would be 16.7A.

The DC power output is estimated at 8A/12V.

The volume of its fuel tank amounts to 1.1 gallons which means that it can last for around 10 hours when working at a 25% load.


Service, User Manual & Warranty Term


This generator is sold without oil. Therefore, you'll need to add it on your own before you start using the machine.


What Makes EF2000ISV2 Different from EF2000IS (V1)


The upgraded V2 has an important distinctive feature as opposed to the authentic model.

The controller has been updated and now provides truly advanced features.

Its AC output between the estimated and peak output is now a lot better.

As such, it can be used for a greater number of applications as opposed to the V1.

Still, they have a similar design together with similar power consumption, engine capacity and general peculiarities of use.




The EF2000iSv2 model is a splendid choice for everyone who requires a lightweight, easy to transport and powerful device. If that is your case, it will definitely be worth buying it, especially if to consider the EPA rating that proves how cost-efficient the device is. In return, you'll get a durable machine that will last you for years so if you are in search of a good generator for yourself or your family, this version will be a great option to consider. If you are looking for a unit that you'll be using not very often, this generator will hardly suit your needs. What I personally enjoy in this unit is that it has a great design that follows all standards of quality.

The Yamaha generator is rather expensive, but over some time, you'll realize that it can save you much money, especially if to consider its 3-year warranty term. There are no doubts that you need to buy this unit just because it will allow you to enjoy many benefits such as minimal engine wear and tear coupled with quiet operation. It also has a microprocessor that looks very much like a computer so that all your devices can be powered up with it.

This version has an electrical overload breaking system that will shut off on its own accord if there are more digital devices that the unit is able to sustain. This is a feature that has been developed to protect your digital appliances from getting damaged. You can easily buy it at some hardware shop where Yamaha models are sold. The products of this brand are available all over the country.

It is not hard to buy it from some retailers online, such as YamahaGenerators.com. You can also buy it on Amazon. It can be ordered online with ease and even delivered right to your home.