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GT8 Truck and GT8 – MAX are HERE

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  •  Worried about meeting the Tier 4 engine requirements ?? Consider a PTO driven GT8 – we are installing our drills on 2019 and 2020 trucks with Tier 4 engines – no need to worry about a Tier 4 deck engines!
  • THE GT-8 is in the Field!
  •      Checkout the picture Gallery of the GT8-Max – 11 Ft.  Feed Stroke, 29,000 lb of thrust and Pull,  a Drill head that produces 12,500 LB-FT of torque in Low gear and over 950 RPM in High Gear!!  The GT8-Max has a telescoping crown block that allows the operator to pull up to 30 ft lengths of Drill Rod.    The drill is loaded with driller friendly features that make this a high performance machine!
  • GT8 – Max Gallery
  • GT8 “Light”  –  GtechDrill has introduced a version of the GT8 installed on a Non-CDL truck ( under 26,000 lb)  This PTO driven drill can come with either the standard 9,300 ftlb head or the High Torque version ( 12,000 Ft-LB)
  • Introducing the GT16 !!
  •    GTECHDRILL will be delivering the high Torque GT16 auger drill.  Designed to produce 16,000 lb-ft in low gear with as much as 700 RPM spindle speed in High year.  All that on a NON-CDL Truck !!  contact us for more details
  •  And We Aren’t Done!! —  Keep Looking here for more information on the GT6 that is in the development pipeline – a small, mobile drill with big drill features!