A New World of Geotechnical Supply

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Product Range

Northeast Geotechnical Supply provides a wide range of high quality products used in the application areas we serve. Please be sure to contact us with your inquiries even if the product you need is not mentioned in the website.

Tubular Products

This encompasses Drill Rod and Casing using over all the applications Areas that Northeast Geotech services. Our drill rod offerings extend from the standard “W” and “WJ” series products to heavy wall rod designed for rigorous DTH drilling applications. All rod starts with high quality steel that is machined to rigorous established standards. Each product must pass several quality control procedures to insure trouble free use in the field.


Diamond Bits

Conditions, formations, rig type, and job requirements all affect the type of bit to use. Proper bit selection and usage often determine whether a job is profitable or not. Northeast Geotechnical Supply can provide the proper bit for your needs.

  • Bit Selection Guide
  • Impregnated Drill Bits
    Impregnated bits are the most common bit in use today. Often used in exploration drilling due to wide range of conditions and applications. This type of bit tolerates changing formations and conditions best.

Northeast Geotechnical Supply offers a variety of instrumentation for field use and for use along with their drill rigs.

Soil Sampling Equipment

Auger Drilling