A New World of Geotechnical Supply

Application Range

Northeast Geotechnical Supply provides products and service in a large number of application areas. These include:

  • Geotechnical Testing & Drilling: We supply high quality products from reputable firms such as Mobile Drill and others. Products include: Augers, soil sampling equipment, DCDMA and metric drill rod and casing, a complete line of corebarrels and in hole tools.
  • Mineral Exploration: We offer both wireline and conventional coring equipment for standard mineral exploration jobs. Look to Northeast Geotech for high quality Reverse Circulation Drill Pipe and tools compatible with many RC systems commonly used in the field.
  • Rotary & DTH (Down-the-Hole) hammer tools: Northeast Geotechnical Supply offers a complete line of high quality rotary drill pipe, subs, tricone, rerun bits, hammers, and other in hole product.
  • Laboratory Equipment: Northeast Geotechnical can provide a complete range of testing equipment used in soils and test laboratories.
  • Project Sourcing & Consolidation Services: Northeast Geotechnical Supply can act as your purchasing and shipping coordinator to organize everything needed for a specific project or job. We will insure that you have the right product on the job at the right price and at the right time!